Need more flexibility with Kafka?
Introducing StreamNative Cloud for Kafka®

Built on Apache Pulsar™, StreamNative Cloud for Kafka® provides a fully-compliant Kafka API implementation that supports millions of topics with consistent low latency.


Why StreamNative Cloud for Kafka®?

Kafka Without Limits

Support for hundreds of thousands of topics, so you can design applications that meet your requirements, without the hassle of cluster limitations.

Fully Kafka API Compliant

A complete implementation of the Kafka protocol, including transactions, allows existing Kafka applications to tap into the benefits of Pulsar’s architecture.

Efficiency at Scale

With more capabilities and improved performance, StreamNative Cloud for Kafka® offers efficient, cost-effective management of even the largest clusters and datasets.

Batteries-Included Management

Built-in multi-tenancy and geo-replication remove the need to manage separate tools or APIs. Additionally, built-in auto-scaling eliminates the need for data rebalancing.

Pulsar and Kafka Ecosystem Support

Fully supports the Kafka API and access to the Kafka ecosystem. Now you can seamlessly connect to tools including Apache Druid, Materialize, and more.

Diverse Use Cases, Simplified Infrastructure

Combine the reach of Kafka and the capabilities of Pulsar to simplify difficult use cases. Work queues, high concurrency stream processing, rapid replay, and more, made simple.

Learn more about StreamNative Cloud, designed to empower teams and simplify operations with a fully-managed, flexible Pulsar™-as-a-Service offering built by the original developers of Apache Pulsar.

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How does StreamNative Cloud for Kafka® Compare?

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StreamNative Cloud for Kafka® is available on GCP and AWS with full self-service provisioning. Sign up for the closed beta today to get started!

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